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The Portraits Collection is your entry pass to MIDA’s world. It is a unique set of 4040 hand-crafted and digitally colorized portraits of characters from a dimension much like ours, where art is power and opposing organizations compete to realize their worldview.

This is the first NFT collection with storytelling created using artificial intelligence (AI). Each character has a personal story linked to the collection’s lore and algorithmically generated starting from the NFT’s properties.
You will be able to use $MIDA to customize your name and your personal story and join one of the four main factions, allowing you to unlock different secret utilities.

Access this new dimension by minting one of the characters and take part in the Story!

the story

The Portraits characters’ story takes place in a dimension parallel to our own where Art has influence on the matter and allows to open gates to other worlds.
Zenevia, the decadent capital of the Empire, is the scene of Ethan’s events. The young cartographer will find himself at the center of the conflict between the Order, an organization which pursues the annihilation of all artists to maintain the status quo, and the Brotherhood of the One, which instead desires to bring art back into the world for its own purposes.

Which side will you take?


The Empire

The Empire is a semi-feudal nation home to diverse peoples organized through a strict hierarchical structure at the head of which there is the Emperor. Its capital, Zenevia, is a city founded as a refuge for displaced people from nearby areas, attracted by the safety offered by the lagoon. With the advent of the First Emperor, the city began the conquest of neighbouring kingdoms, eventually coming to dominate most part of the known world. Trade and war have always been the two faces of the Empire, but over time fewer and fewer, softened by the relative security provided by living within its borders, are willing to risk their lives for imperial expeditions. At the time of the events narrated, the Empire is in decay and its sole purpose seems to be the maintenance of the privileges and hedonistic lifestyle of its nobles, which now appears threatened by the growing discontent of the popular classes.

The Order

The Order is an extremist religious organization born during the age of Chaos, they believe that no one should have the ability to manipulate matter through exotic dusts because it endangers the stability of reality itself, they therefore believe it is necessary that all the art created with the dust, should be destroyed and all artists eradicated in order to maintain peace and the status quo. The Order flanked the Empire during its founding and later helped it to repress anyone who challenged its authority; in return, the Empire let the Order strengthen its influence, allowing it to become a de-facto state within the state.

The Brotherhood of the One

The Brotherhood of the One is a sect that arose following the advent of the Empire, formed by artists, aspiring artists and mystics. This sect believes that the exotic dust is a gift from a primordial cosmic entity and that the goal of every living being is to reunite with it; their mission is to open as many portal-paintings as possible to collapse all dimensions into one and return to the initial unified state of the universe.

The Outcasts

The Outcasts are a disorganized and disparate group composed of the displaced from the Empire’s wars, those persecuted by the Order, adventurers, thieves, deserters, and vagabonds. This hodgepodge of desperados over time has begun to form more framed bands of rebels opposed to the Imperial authority.



MIDA, collaborating with the major art events (fairs, exhibitions, vernissage, etc.), offers its holders a free participation in these, guaranteeing them an easy entry into the art world.


Owning a MIDA Portrait grants you access to the MIDA’s Rendez-Vous, events organized by our company in exclusive locations like villas and historical palaces around Europe. The parties will also host artists exhibitions and art installations.

Learn To Earn

An art-culture themed quiz app organized in monthly seasons. At the end of the month winners share the prize pool in $MIDA. For NFT holders, the participation is free while those who want to participate and are not holders of a MIDA Portrait must pay an entry fee in $MIDA.

Part of the proceeds from the operation are redistributed to the holders of the collection proportionally to the rarity of the NFT they own.

Gamificated Gallery

MIDA uses virtual buildings and organizes Easter Egg hunts in which the clues are found in the NFT Masterpieces exhibited inside.

To participate, users must pay an entry fee in $MIDA and whoever solves the series of tech-art puzzles wins the $MIDA prize pool.

derived from the operation are shared among the Partner Museums, MIDA and the holders of the MIDA Portraits NFTs, who are remunerated in proportion to the rarity of the NFT they own, becoming “co-owners” of MIDA’s Virtual Museums\Galleries System