From Museums to The Metaverse

MIDA offers institutions a new way to valorize the masterpieces they preserve through the creation and sale of unique NFT artworks to the Metaverse’s collectors.

MIDA creates value, innovates and connects people promoting the collective Cultural Heritage.

The Process


A high-definition digital format of the artwork is acquired through hi-tech cameras or Artec 3D scanners.


Two digital works are created from the physical masterpiece; the files obtained are edited in the highest definition.


The rights holder of the artwork digitally signs the copies authenticating them.


The resulting files are bound to a $MIDA smart contract and become an NFT.


One copy is kept in the museum while the other is commercialized via auction.

Value through Utility


The opportunity to be the only ones to own masterpieces, impossible to possess in the physical world, represents an unprecedented opportunity for collectors all over the world.


The NFT artwork serves as a membership card for access to an elite community of art enthusiasts, industry professionals and emerging artists.


Metaverses reinforce novelty by providing a new social space of fruition and exhibitions where important private collections can be appreciated and valorized.


Owning MIDA’s NFTs guarantees access to VIP off-line and virtual events in exclusive locations where it’ll be possible to meet and connect with like-minded people.

The Auction

The auction is fully managed on-chain through a dedicated smart contract, ensuring transparency, confidentiality and regularity of execution for all the parties involved. At the end of the auction, the majority of the proceeds are remunerated to the right holder of the Artwork.

In addition, the institution earns the right to half of the 7% Royalty charged on every trade involving each NFT Masterpiece in the secondary market.





Value Preservation Agreement

The NFT and traditional art market both rely on the same fundamentals: authenticity and uniqueness. Therefore it is mandatory for MIDA to guarantee these two characteristics to collectors, and above all to institutions, whose potential income is tied to the maintenance of these two pillars.

For this reason, we demand reciprocal commitment between the company and the Museum, through contract, that no other NFT copies of the same work will be produced besides the one kept by them and the one destined to be commercialized through auction, in order to preserve the value of the NFT Masterpieces on the market.

Our Impact

Scarcity of certified artworks

Market saturated by algorithmic collections of NFT JPGs

Digitalizion and embedding on Blockchain, with creation of NFTs authenticated by the owner of the physical Masterpiece.
Lack of funds
No access to 2 trillions of crypto market
Auctioning of NFT Masterpiece in the majors crypto marketplaces remunerating the majority of the proceeds to the right holder of the physical artwork.
Low international visibility
Limited opportunities to meet possible Patrons
Centralized system of visibility
Social Layer with decentralized system of visibility based on allocations in social SDH tokens.