Token Utility

Draft for creators NFT

In order to attend to the greatest emerging creators’ debuts, users must allocate MIDA$

Stendhal Social Token

Liquidity farming and $MIDA stake provide in addition to the usual APY, a social token, STENDHAL (SDH), used within the network to show appreciation to users’ posts. SDH does not have any economic countervalue

DAO Vote

Holders vote via DAO platform with xMIDA, at the beginning to decide the type of artworks they would like to be digitized and auctioned directing our acquisitions

NFT Rewards Airdrop

Major liquidity providers get rewarded through airdrop of exclusive NFT artworks of emerging creators, the other liquidity providers have the possibility to be chosen through lottery

Fee Discounts

Users are split into tiers and get discounts on marketplace fees and additional SDH monthly depending on the volume of $MIDA they brought to the platform


Token Metrics


Release Schedule